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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee Sampler


Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee WHY 1oz OF COFFEE IN A SAMPLER?ANSWER: 1oz IS THE PERFECT AMOUNT FOR;  15oz CUP: NORMAL CUP OF COFFEE  12oz CUP: STRONG CUP OF COFFEE    8oz CUP: VERY STRONG CUP OF COFFEE Ethiopia, with its famous Arabica coffee trees, growing abundant in the south-western highlands, has long...




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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee


Ethiopia, with its famous Arabica coffee trees, growing abundant in the south-western highlands, has long been a host to aromatic and extensive ensemble of coffee beans. Coffee as a stimulating drink was first recognized in Ethiopia. As legends have it, a goat-herder spotted his goats anxiously eating the cherries of a coffee tree and prancing about. Stories are abundant about the Sufi pilgrims spreading the use of coffee in the Middle East.

Let alone the myths and legends, coffee at its best was destined to be found in this region of YirgaCheffe, with its high rolling mountains, the picturesque Chamo & Abaya lakes and a moderately wet subtropical climate. No wonder, Ethiopia ranks within the first ten producers of gourmet coffee beans round the globe.

Ethiopians like their coffees, as a natural conclusion to the meals, as a ceremonial gesture while guests pour in or a venerated pass-time round the table. These gourmet coffees are less meant for the commercial exports and more for household consumption, as the small to mid-sized farm holders harvest the berries in a garden or forest-like fashion. This kind of fragmented, family-owned plots or sustenance-farming yields the most distinguishable and authentic ‘garden coffee’ flavour, to be found truly, virtually everywhere in an Ethiopian household.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Taste Characteristics

Exotic as its origin, the matchless Ethiopian Yirgacheffe knows how to balance the succulent and herby taste with the floral aroma, cupped in a complex, rich body. With every sip, you’ll experience a bright beginning, a citrus sweetness in the middle, to end up with a clean finish without any acidic aftertaste.

When you think of Ethiopian coffees you think of romance. This particular variety of Arabica coffee evokes the truly African spirit, with the pronounced taste of tropical fruits mixing spices and herbs, almost smelling like wine. That’s how an authentic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe gets its character. The exotic coffee beans, carefully hand-crafted and harvested for centuries, melts in a sweetly-citrus, delicate black tea like finish.

The wet-processed varieties of Yirgacheffe taste cleaner than the naturally processed beans. The naturally processed coffee beans yield the sharp chocolaty flavour and the fruity notes, while washed beans have a citrus acidity coupled with a light-bodied taste, an undertone of spices, which you’ll simply adore.

Ethiopian coffee distributors cater to your coffee-craving desire, helping you opt from the diverse cupping notes and blends. That’s how you get to know the complex coffee profiles of the micro-region, single-origin coffees.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Growing Region

The rugged, highland region of south-western Ethiopia nestles the freely growing coffee trees, shrouded under the forest canopy. The wet-processed beans cultivated on an elevation of 5500ft-6600ft enjoy a tropical, moderately wet and dry climate. The deep valley of Chamo and Abaya, the highlands of ‘Kafa’, whence the name coffee evolved, are home to the specialty Arabica coffees. Coffee trees grow wildly along with bamboo trees, cardamom, pepper and fruit trees, a happy coexistence as intended by Mother Nature.

To facilitate Ethiopian coffee for sale, coffee profiles are marked by their regional names. Almost all of the Ethiopian coffees fall under the three broad categories – Harar, Sidama, or Yirgacheffe.

Farmers are encouraged to pick the fully ripened cherries to ensure the gourmet quality coffee beans. The clean cherries are then pulped, fermented, washed, dried to lock in 12% moisture and classified for bulk purchases and wholesale distributions.

Why Buy Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee

When you are drinking an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, you know it ought to be different from the Central American roasts. Anyone wanting to get into a gourmet coffee experience, must explore the range of exquisite Ethiopian coffee beans for sale. The citrus acidity mellowed by the fruity freshness blooms at its best when served as ice coffee.

What makes the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe conspicuous among the gourmet coffee offerings, is the cleanliness and the consistency to every cup you savour. The coffee beans are roasted and evenly dried on African drying beds; the skins removed, they’re sorted and stored to meet the Ethiopian coffee beans’ wholesale demands. Since 2017, Ethiopian Coffee Exchange (ECX) encourages transparency through direct selling from the washing stations, so that the premiums are added to the farmers’ price, recognizing the hallmark and region-specific profile.

From the Ethiopian coffee suppliers and distributors, you’ll get a spectrum of 100% Arabica coffees, roasted and custom-made. Though revered as premium and micro-region coffee blends, Ethiopian coffee wholesale or Yirgacheffe coffee wholesale purchases can come with attractive price ranges with discounts.

While you enjoy the millennia-old legacy of Ethiopian coffee drinking at handsome prices, you know you just cannot go wrong with Yirgacheffe.


Blueberry, strawberry, milk chocolate

Milky body, incredible balance