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Surprise Me!


Surprise Me! Random Coffee Subscription Surprise me is our effort to expand your coffee journey with a hand selected coffee every week, 2 weeks or 4 weeks. Based on the...

Ethiopian Harrar Sidamo Coffee


Ethiopian Harrar Sidamo Coffee Ethiopian Harrar is undoubtedly a bold coffee for the strong hearted It’s time to sip away some of the heartiest brews from the ‘Horn of Africa’- a...

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee


Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee Ethiopia, with its famous Arabica coffee trees, growing abundant in the south-western highlands, has long been a host to aromatic and extensive ensemble of coffee beans. Coffee...

Kenyan AA


Kenyan AA Coffee The Kenyan AA coffee beans are sharp and prominent, with distinctive fruity inputs, oozing a subtle note better compared to a lightly roasted coffee. For your wholesale...

Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee


Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee Tanzanian Peaberry is grown in the high-altitude regions of the country, most famously on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, whose rainfall and fertile, volcanic soil produce the...

Zimbabwe AA Coffee


Zimbabwe AA Coffee The Salimba Estate, located at an altitude of 900 - 1,000 meters in Eastern Zimbabwe, first planted coffee in 1955. Located at 20.2° South and 33° East, the soil...