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Nicaragua SHG EP Plus Coffee Sampler


Nicaragua SHG EP Plus Coffee WHY 1oz OF COFFEE IN A SAMPLER?ANSWER: 1oz IS THE PERFECT AMOUNT FOR;  15oz CUP: NORMAL CUP OF COFFEE  12oz CUP: STRONG CUP OF COFFEE    8oz CUP: VERY STRONG CUP OF COFFEE Nicaragua, the largest country in Central American peninsula bordered by Honduras and Costa...




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Nicaragua SHG EP Plus Coffee


Nicaragua, the largest country in Central American peninsula bordered by Honduras and Costa Rica, engaged in coffee production not until the mid of 19th century after the high-priced Brazilian markets created opportunities for other coffee growing nations. Subsequently, a series of catastrophic events and political upheavals marred the production and reputation of good Nicaraguan coffees till it was revived in the wake of free elections & trade in the 1990s.

Coffee, being an integral part of Nicaragua’s economy, supports more than forty thousand families of small scale farmers and harvesters (standard farm size of meagre 1 to 14 hectares) who own and operate the farms. The thriving coffee industry has created job opportunities for mid to small size farmers who not only process gourmet varieties of coffees but take part in forest preservations, enhance skills for export quality coffee cultivations and maintain better working standards to meet the wholesale demands for Central American coffees worldwide. Almost 95% of Nicaraguan coffees are grown under tree canopies, of various native and exotic tree shades, thus strengthening the ecological harmony and bio-diversity.

Coffee Growing Region

The volcanic regions of Nicaragua are the perfect cradle for gourmet Arabica coffees. The mountainous terrains and the elevated regions lift the taste of the coffee beans with a brighter and robust body. Coffees are usually grown at an elevation of more than 800 meters from the sea level. The major coffee cultivation zones comprise of the northern mountains of Matagalpa, Nueva Segovia and Jinotega, with Jinotega contributing most to the coffee production. The country’s central highlands, famous for its volcanoes, enrich the soil with volcanic ashes much needed for finest quality coffees.

While in harvest, the cool weather helps the coffee beans to retain the amount of moisture needed for specialty beans. At lower elevations of valleys, the beans are then milled in dry and warm climate to attain their desired characteristics.

Various micro-lot coffees were introduced by the Peralta farm, a family-owned coffee estate, in the northern parts of Nicaragua. From milling to quality control of specialty coffees, the farm has been adapting to the vastly changing specialty coffee export market scenario with superior quality micro-lot outputs like the El Bosque Yellow Honey variety or the La Cascada Natural, mostly favored for their tropical, juicy and floral punches.

Why Buy This Coffee

Organically certified fair trade Nicaraguan coffees have opened up to the United States import markets after a long haul. Coffees grown in the regions of Jinotega and Segovia show bolder acidic flavors with complex aromatic freshness, compared to the standard Central American coffee harvests. Coffees from the estate of Selva Negra are celebrated for their full-bodied, exquisite chocolate hints imported from the cooperative farms in Segovia. The Nueva Segovia regions, the higher altitude zones, have been identified for their immense potential for gourmet quality bulk coffee exports to tap the harvesters’ inclinations towards a variety of coffee productions and processing experimentations. Various organizations and cooperatives connect to the lives of small scale farmers, mostly involve in the coffee production and help them get their premiums & fair prices on harvests otherwise unattainable in the competitive & variable bulk trade markets.

Nicaragua, with its beautiful and picturesque landscapes and locales is thriving in terms of tourism and gourmet coffee productions. Youths are enthusiast in superior quality coffee productions and engage in bulk productions to strengthen a better future for Nicaraguan coffee prospects.

So, if you are a believer and die-hard fan of Central American gourmet coffees for your bulk and wholesale orders, explore the affordable and attractive discounts from various suppliers and distributors of these gourmet coffees online. To get the best of the Central American coffee harvests, you have to taste the Nicaragua coffee for its tempered sweetness and brightly acidic, citrus and quintessential floral feel that stays with you longer.

Cup Characteristics:

Chocolate, sweet aroma, citrus tones, honeyed, bright medium acidity, well rounded cup