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Mexican Altura Coffee Sampler


Mexican Altura Coffee WHY 1oz OF COFFEE IN A SAMPLER?ANSWER: 1oz IS THE PERFECT AMOUNT FOR;  15oz CUP: NORMAL CUP OF COFFEE  12oz CUP: STRONG CUP OF COFFEE    8oz CUP: VERY STRONG CUP OF COFFEE If your heart goes out to the salivating peppery, blackened Chicken Quesadillas, tortillas, and tomato...

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Mexican Altura Coffee


If your heart goes out to the salivating peppery, blackened Chicken Quesadillas, tortillas, and tomato salsas before you place them in your mouth, you know how irresistibly fascinating Mexican cuisine can get. Mexico, the land of desperados, cowboys, lofty mountains, produces indigenous coffees, with the innate taste of the mountains and highlands that ascribes to the name Altura – the higher, the loftier in taste you savor in a cup of gourmet coffee.

Over a half million Mexican families consisting of small farm holders owning 1-5 hectares of land and some mid-size farmers with an average holding size of 25 hectares involve in the production of gourmet quality Arabica coffee beans to export approximately 5 billion bag fulls of beans every year. The inhabitant farmers of Veracruz, Chiapas, Oaxaca are closely tied to the organic farming habits and age-old traditional methods of cultivation, grounded to their ethnic roots and the cultural practices. Altura, the Spanish name for ‘altitude’ and also ‘dignity’ at some times, celebrates this truly Mexican spirit in its supreme quality beans that are washed, and mechanically de-pulped or de-mucilaged before they migrate to other lands for bulk trade. What you get is the essence of the lofty mountains of Mexico’s central and southern provinces blended in each cup of Mexican Altura.

Taste characteristics

Altura is reputed for its mellow taste with no bitter punch or heaviness on the tongue! Grown in the small plantations of Mexican central and southern highlands, Altura or the ‘high-grown’ coffees know how to pamper your taste buds, and lift your spirits. These medium-bodied gourmet coffee beans, evoking mild, mellow taste on the sweeter side, coupled with a nutty undertone are considered one of the favorites of coffee enthusiasts. Altura varietal gives you a smooth brew with the hint of tropical fruits and roasted hazelnuts. The washed beans get slightly acidic edge and a clean finish which melts equally well with full-bodied beans. Those who are the fan of lighter roasts, medium textures, and mild flavors, would surely love this ‘good morning’ cup from Mexico, balancing the ‘not too watery’ and the ‘lightly acidic’ attributes with aplomb.

Mexican Altura Coffee Growing region

Not until the colonization in Mexico, coffee production gained its significance. Earlier, the focus was more on mining and excavating mineral resources which shoved coffee to the back seat. The highlands and the mountains of the central & southern parts of Mexico, rich in volcanic soils with cooler climate are perfect for specialty coffee production. These regions cradle more than hundred varieties of exquisite Arabica coffee beans, organically crafted in the regions of Chiapas, Oaxaca, Michoacán, and Vera Cruz. The high altitude conditions help the coffee beans to grow and mature slowly, to get the earthy taste these beans are famous for.

Altura coffee beans are harvested in the regions surrounding Chiapas and Oaxaca during the months of November through March, with the arrival period of May to June. More than 50% of the coffee beans are meant for domestic consumption, while the rest goes for wholesale exports.

Why Buy Mexican Altura Coffee

The crop researchers and coffee importers have credited Mexico as a potential coffee growing region, with perfect climatic conditions and elevations. Efforts are being made to improve the conditions for cultivation and protect the crops from leaf rust. In recent years, Mexico has been a prominent name in the export of gourmet coffees worldwide. The government in Mexico rates coffees grown at the mountains according to their altitudes. The Robusta varieties of Arabica coffees grown at lower altitudes are not that highly-rated and can be found at the local markets. What makes high-grown coffees so awesomely distinct is the complexity in their taste - the acidic notes merging with the sweetness of chocolate and toffee, with the floral, fruity and nutty aroma. Most of the Mexican Arabica Bourbon varieties are washed and de-pulped to boost acidity and body. That’s how Altura gets its lofty and heavenly taste with a clean, smooth finish. The coffees are organically tested and have got Fair Trade certifications.

If you’re fond of earthy aroma, you can explore organically grown certified Mexican Altura Coatepec coffees, introduced in the American markets by suppliers and distributors. Coffee cravers who love to experiment region-centric coffees and blends, would surely like these Mexican offerings in line with the Colombian counterparts, known for their well-balanced and smooth tastes.

You’ll get a range of Mexican Altura Coatepec varietal and Mexican Altura Coatepec organic at reasonable deals, with handsome discounts from your online distributors.

So, if you like the taste of caffeine in your morning cup let Altura raise the perfect morning toast to you.

Cup Characteristics:

Sweet, clean finish, nutty, chocolate notes, medium body, soft citrus acidity, stone fruity