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Costa Rican Tarrazu Papagayo Coffee Sampler


Costa Rican Tarrazu Papagayo Coffee WHY 1oz OF COFFEE IN A SAMPLER?ANSWER: 1oz IS THE PERFECT AMOUNT FOR;  15oz CUP: NORMAL CUP OF COFFEE  12oz CUP: STRONG CUP OF COFFEE    8oz CUP: VERY STRONG CUP OF COFFEE There is something unquestionably unique about the Costa Rican coffees that have intrigued...




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Costa Rican Tarrazu Papagayo Coffee


There is something unquestionably unique about the Costa Rican coffees that have intrigued the admirers all the way. You can’t help falling for the downy smoothness and sweet charm of the Costa Rican Tarrazú coffees harvested in the picturesque landscapes. While you enjoy that fascinating aromatic cup of coffee you can’t possibly stop after one cup. It’s an exploration of the unfathomable heights of aromatic escape. 

There are eight different coffee growing regions contributing to the endless varieties of coffee beans produced in Costa Rica. Tarrazú, the smallest of them can boast of the best and the rich variations. Tarrazú coffee beans, distinguished for their flavored aroma are harvested at an elevation of 1500-1700 meters above the sea level. The highly elevated lands of Tarrazú are home to some of the most exquisite coffee varieties of the world. The coffee plants grow freely amidst the highlands in the predominantly wet and dry climate, harvested during the dry months of December to March.

Costa Rican ASOPROAAA is an organization established in 1998 to safeguard the rights and living conditions of the coffee farmers around Tarrazú. There are several micro-lot varieties available like the Costa Rica ASOPROAAA Tarrazú Legua Dragon, Costa Rica ASOPROAAA Casa Vieja, Costa Rica ASOPROAAA Fancy Tarrazú La Montana Red Honey, Costa Rica ASOPROAAA Fancy Tarrazú La Colina and Costa Rica ASOPROAAA Washed Maria Rita, to name a few. Almost 200 farmer families and more than 1150 members work under the co-operative association that generates resources by extending technical and administrative support to the farmer members. ASOPROAAA is vital for procuring agricultural loans and managing micro-origin coffee lots from the regions of Tarrazú, Aserrí and Acosta.

Coffee Growing Region:

What makes the Costa Rican Tarrazú coffee so incredibly ‘cool’ and super-player in the coffee export markets is the geographical indication where these exotic coffees are grown. Costa Rica is famous for its volcanic mountains and diversely rich topography that’s ideal for gourmet quality coffee harvests. The fertile soil and perfect drainage system encourage wholesale production of specialty coffees.
The micro-lot coffees experience sunshine and cloudy afternoons for better moisture retention. They are planted with other fruit trees to have shades in the hot summers. The hot and dry weather conditions boost the coffee production immensely. The naturally slow ripening process adds to the flavor and body of finest quality Tarrazú coffee cherries. The coffee beans are carefully hand-picked to ensure only the ripest cherries are sorted.

Why Buy Costa Rican Tarrazú Papagayo:

Strictly Hard Bean or SHB classification is the highest grade in the Costa Rican coffee gradation system. It definitely escalates the demands for these Costa Rican coffee marvels. Though the demands are always soaring for these micro-lot varieties, they are not produced in bulk quantities compared to the other Central American counterparts. The slow & long ripening process of the Tarrazú cherries make it difficult for bulk harvests. Small to medium sized farmlands produce the exquisite lots to be blended with other Costa Rican varieties to enhance the feel & taste of the beans and better marketability.

If you are really scrupulous about buying micro-origin coffees from this small shady height of fascinating Tarrazú region you have to explore the suppliers & distributors of exquisite coffees online. It’s no longer a challenge to find the truly authentic Tarrazú with better deals and handsome discounts on purchases. That’s how you can savor the ‘epicurean’s delight’ escaping the most clichéd aftertastes of the run of the mill coffee harvests. 

Cupping Notes:

Clean, lively winey acidity, medium body, chocolate, almonds, citrus notes